I think it is the most amazing feeling to finally reach your goal and see the results you have always wanted. You feel empowered, and like you can conquer the world. Personally, right now I am not where I want to be physically because I can look back and see the shape I was in a few months ago, but i think I needed to end up where I am now to realize that I have to keep up my strict workouts regime and healthy eating if I want to maintain that physique. So now I am working my way back up to where I was, and I am looking forward to reaching my goal and looking back and seeing that I can do anything I put my mind to.



Routine is especially important when you are just beginning a workout and nutrition regime because you need to make this lifestyle change a habit. I know from personal experience how difficult that can be. When I am starting a new regime I HAVE to have a routine that is the same every single day because if I skip a day then the next day I have an excuse as to why I can’t do my workout that day as well, and next thing I know I have stopped working out and I am eating more than I should. I know a lot of people who know me who think that because I love fitness, consistently working out and eating healthy comes naturally to me, but I hate to break it to you- it’s always a challenge. It gets easier when your body craves less sweets, but it is still a struggle every day to get out of bed and run when I don’t feel like it, and make a salad when I feel like having pizza. The key to success is consistency. So create a routine and stick to it ! Start today 🙂 If you need some support, id be more than happy to provide some for you 🙂

Eating out of Boredom


I can really relate to this saying. I am awful at eating just because I am bored, but the good news is that I know that I do this so I can combat it. I find that I am less likely to eat out of boredom when I do not watch tv while I am eating because that way I am focused on what I am eating and how much. Otherwise, I will just keep eating and eating even though I may be full simply because I am bored, and honestly, because I like the action of eating. I know that may sound weird, but I enjoy the motion of eating even if I am not even eating something that I particularly like.

Most people I know struggle with eating out of boredom or just wanting to eat simply because they feel like it. The way to combat it is just to realize you are doing it, and make note of when you are more likely to do it and keep yourself busy instead. I know that I struggle with snacking at night, and when I am watching tv. So I make a point to be doing something in the evening, whether it’s a workout or a class or just hanging with friends. I also try to make sure I am not eating while watching tv so that I do not mindlessly eat.

How do you combat eating out of boredom?

Day 6: Amrita


I just recently discovered Amrita bars at this year’s NYC Green Festival, and I loved them instantly. The bars are vegan, gluten-free, raw, non-GMO, and nut-free. There are currently 6 different flavors which include: Apple cinnamon, apricot strawberry, chocolate maca, cranberry raisin, mango coconut, and pineapple chia. All of the bars are made mostly of sun dried fruits, seeds, and organic brown rice protein. My favorite is the pineapple chia and its ingredients are as follows: dried pineapple, desiccated coconut, date paste, cranberries, Himalayan pink salt, chia seeds, brown rice protein, sunflower seeds, and maple syrup.The bars vary in calories from around 200 to around 300.

Amrita bars are a little harder to find because they are made in small batches in NYC. However, there is a store locator on their website that will guide you to a store closest to you, or you can purchase them online from their website. Their website is There is a variety pack on their website that includes one of each flavor and it costs $15 with only $2 shipping. Or you can buy a box of 12 bars of one flavor and that will run you $27, unless you purchase the chocolate maca box which runs $32. I do not know why there is a price difference. As far as I know you cannot purchase individual bars online, but you can in stores.

What do you think of Amrita Bars?

You Need Both


A lot of women are afraid to lift weights or add strength training into their routine because they do not want to ‘bulk up’. Adding in a little weight training is not going to make you the hulk, so don’t worry. However, strength training, or resistance training, builds muscle tone which is GOOD because the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn. Building muscle speeds up your metabolism and helps it stay revved up even after you have completed your workout.

Cardio, especially HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts) help burn fat which allows you to see that gorgeous muscle tone that you have built. So ladies, you really need both in order to get those sexy beach bodies that you want 😉 Remember ladies, strong, not skinny, is the new sexy 😉

Day 5: Go Raw Bars


Go Raw bars are vegan, gluten-free, kosher, nut-free, organic, non-GMO, and raw. There are five different flavors of these bars which are: banana bread flax bar, live granola bar, live pumpkin bar, real live apricot bar, and spirulina energy bar. My favorite is the spirulina energy bar, but they are all great. The ingredients in theses bars consist mostly of various seeds and dried fruits. For example, the live granola bar, pictured above, contains buckwheat groats, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, raisins, and dates.

Each large bar, they have mini ones too, runs around 200 calories. Theses bars are by far the most expensive to buy, but are good if you are nut-free and strictly raw. I enjoy them when I can find them on sale 😉 Each bars runs anywhere from $3-$4 depending on where you but them. You can also buy a box of 20 bars from their website,, which runs $43, but I have never seen the boxes for sale in stores. The individual bars can be found at whole foods and other various healthy food stores, as well as online.

What do you think of Go Raw bars?

Persistence is Key


You do not have to be the strongest person in the gym, or be perfect when it comes to your nutrition in order to see results. Let’s face it, there is always someone stronger, and no one is perfect. All you have to do is keep going- power through the hard times when you do not want to workout and do it anyway. When you cheat on your diet, don’t feel horrible guilty and fall off the wagon, just start fresh the next day and do your best. As long as you keep trying you will eventually reach your goal. It may take a little longer if you struggle more often than someone else, but the only way you can fail is if you stop trying. So do NOT give up because you can do anything you set your mind to 🙂