Fitting in Workouts

I know the excuse a lot of us use is that we are too busy to workout. Let’s face it. We are busy. Really busy. However, we make time for the things that are most important to us. If our friends want to meet us for dinner, we may be busy, but we are still going to move around our schedule so that we can meet them because we want to. If working out is important enough to you, then you will make time for it.

I have a crazy schedule because one week I can be really busy, and the next I can be sitting around all day waiting for a phone call. However, I never know what type of week I am going to have, so I plan out my workouts for the week (with a little flexibility in case work interferes with the time I had planned).

Here is an example of my workout plan for this coming week:
Monday: T25 in the AM and SLT in the PM
Tuesday: 3 mile run in the AM and T25 in the PM
Wednesday: T25 in the AM and Ab class in the PM
Thursday: 3 mile run in the AM and T25, and possibly a ballet class in the PM
Friday: T25 in the AM and possibly SLT in the PM
Saturday: 6 mile run
Sunday: Off

This is my tentative schedule because I never know if I am working until the day before, so I have to book classes (such as the ab class, the ballet class, and SLT) last minute. My job requires me to be flexible, but I still need to make a plan so that I won’t make an excuse later in the week as to why I don’t have time to workout.

Have you planned your workouts for this week? 🙂

Let’s Do This!


So my T25 workout, shakeology, and portable DVD player came in the mail finally, and I am pumped for Monday to get here so I can get started! I am ready to tackle another Shaun T workout and see some amazing results. I figure it will give me some nice cross training to go along with my marathon training (btw I knocked out a 9 mile run today- my longest to date! :)). I am excited to get started, and I will share information about the workouts and the shakeology flavor once I get started. If you decide you want to join the fun, lol, I have a group on Facebook where I will be posting progress while completing this program, so feel free to join. If you want to purchase the program or shakeology, message me for information and I will get you taken care of 🙂 Wish me luck!

PACT App- Earn Money Just By Working Out


Nowadays, we have an app to keep track of everything in our lives. We have an app to track our sleep, to pay our bills, to order food, and pretty much anything else you could possibly want. Now there is even an app that will allow you to earn cash for simply completing your normal workouts. Sounds awesome, right? Well it is. You set how many days a week you are going to work out, and each week you complete them you make money! However, there is a catch. Every week that you do not make your pact, or number of days you agreed to workout, you have to pay in real, cold, hard, cash. Even better is the fact that you pay for each day you missed that week.

So if you made a pact to workout out five days a week and you only worked out three, then you have to pay $5 for missing one day and $5 for missing a another day, meaning you have to pay a total of $10 because you did not work out two of the days that you said you would. It is a great app for accountability, especially if you are money driven. Lol. You can set how much you have to pay per day you miss, but the minimum is $5 a day, so the stakes are high.

You have to attach a credit card to your account when you sign up so that you will automatically be paid each week when you make your pact, and you will automatically be charged every week you do not make your pact. The rewards vary from $.50 to $.75 per workout; it fluctuates based on users not making their rewards. Unfortunately, you lose more by missing a workout than you gain by completing one, but look at it this way- you are also gaining a new, and better version of yourself 😉

The workouts have to be a minimum of 30 minutes, and you have to either check in with the app once you get to your gym (it uses GPS), connect it with an app that tracks mileage for outdoor runs, or there is a specific way to track home workouts. Basically, the app makes sure that you are not trying to trick it into thinking you did a workout when you did not 😉

You can also make a pact about logging your food or eating more fruits and veggies. All the information you could ever want and need about this app can be found at Are you will to commit? 😉

Do You Need Accountability and Encouragement?


Personally, I know that accountability plays a huge role in the success of a fitness or nutrition program, no matter what your reasons are- whether they be weight loss, toning, training for an event, or definition. I was able to get a jump start on my journey and lose 20lbs from working with a personal trainer when I was first getting into shape. The reason I was successful was not just because of the advice and exercises my trainer gave me, but because I knew that he would be asking what I ate or if I worked out the next time I saw him. Knowing that someone was checking in on me was what helped me stay on track and power through on those days when I really wanted to lie on the couch and not workout, or when I really wanted to eat pizza instead of that salad. The accountability I received gave me the willpower to focus on my goals instead of what I wanted at that moment in time. However, let’s face it, most of us cannot afford a personal trainer :/

Since I know the role accountability plays in weight loss and fitness goals, I am going to create a group that will begin on May 26th, and it’s focus will be to help you get started on that journey to a new you. Let me help you stay an track and accomplish your goals 🙂 May 26th will be the day I begin my new Focus T25 workout with shakeology, and if you are ready to take that next step and want to join me in this adventure you can message me for details on my fb page thehealthymodel. Or if you have questions about the program in general contact me and I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you have 🙂

We all want that summer body, I know I do, so now is the time to get moving 🙂 We all have 25 minutes a day, five days a week to spare, and to think that 25 minutes could make the difference between a one piece swimsuit and a bikini for us ladies, and wearing your shirt or going shirtless for you guys 😉 So take that first step, and you could be on your way to a whole new you 🙂

Focus T25


I have never really liked the idea of bootcamp classes in a group setting, and I am not really sure why? Lol so I abandoned the idea of the bootcamp classes twice a week because they did not work out. Instead I decided to purchase T25 and give it a shot. I have done Insanity in the past and it tremendously improved my cardio, and I like the grove of the workout. However, insanity is a long workout, and since I am also training for my marathon, which means running daily, I did not want a workout that long. So since T25 is just 25 minutes a day I figured I would give it a shot and see how things worked out. I have also been wanting to get back into the shape I was in 6 months ago when I had some nice definition in my abs, so I am hoping T25 can help me with that. I will post my progress and results throughout this journey so you can see how the program is working for me. If you want to join me, and already have the program let me know and we can encourage each other through this battle 🙂 Or if you wanna purchase the program and start this journey with me you can purchase it through my site at beachbody 🙂 I’d love to help be an encouragement to you on your fitness journey, whether it be for this program or another, and I could use the accountability too 🙂


One of my favorite workout classes to attend in NYC is a class called SLT. It stands for strengthen, lengthen, tone. The class has a maximum of 10 people allowed, so you get a very personal experience and a lot of attention from the instructor. I like to describe it as Pilates on steroids. Lol. Basically, like Pilates, it uses a machine to perform the moves. However, Pilates uses the reformer and SLT uses the megaformer, which is slightly different.


The megaformer is used in various way throughout the whole class. There are basically two platforms on either end of the machine and inside there is a carriage that moves back and forth between the two platforms, it is is attached by springs. The springs are where you get your resistance, because you are pushing or pulling the carriage while being stationed on one of the platforms throughout the class. The springs are also adjustable so that you can increase or decrease the resistance for different exercises. There are also foot straps and bungee cords that are implemented in the class.

The standard class is 50 minutes long, but each exercise is done for somewhere between 30 seconds and 1 minute long before switching to the next one. So the class is constantly moving and goes by pretty fast. I love this class because it is challenging for anyone who walks through the door. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time or your 50th time, you still struggle through the workout which guarantees a kick butt workout. My favorite story I like to tell is when these three totally ripped guys came to class for the first time and acted like the class was gonna be a piece of cake for them. I was laughing on the inside as I saw them dying in the class while I was doing better then them 😉 That just proves that anyone will get a great workout from this class, no matter what your fitness level.

I originally started going to SLT because my NY agency sent me to lengthen out the muscle I had built back home, and it worked great for that. Now I ask to go because I know that I am guaranteed to get an amazing workout in 50 minutes.

Some notes:

The class is generally mostly women, but men are welcome and there are some devoted male clients, both straight and gay men I will point out.

Your first class is $20, but after that it is $40 a class, which sucks I know! :/ You can buy packages of classes which gives you a small discount, but not much. Because of the cost I only go once a week now to get in a good strength workout. However, I know that is crazy expensive for the average person, because even I think it’s expensive, but if you are looking for a kick butt workout I recommend you try it out.

You have to sign up for the class ahead of time and classes fill up fast, so book early.

Jay C is the hardest teacher so if you are new, I do NOT recommend taking his class. I love his classes personally, but I have been taking classes for a long time, and his class still kills me. It’s amazing. Lol

Classes are available throughout New York and there are two locations in Manhattan alone.

There is an introductory class I recommend you take before you take a regular class. A hardcore class is also available for the more advanced. I have taken it once and it definitely lives up to its name 😉

Self Magazine Workout in the Park

Every year Self Magazine hosts a workout in the park in NYC, and this year I was able to attend. The event is basically a fitness and wellness fair that is held at Central Park. So throughout the event there are multiple different types of 20 minute workouts that you can try. There are also various vendors sponsoring the event who are handing out snacks and such to promote their brand. Free neck massages are also available and various sweepstakes where taking place that you could enter. There is also always a special guest. This year it was celebrity trainer, and trainer on the tv show The Biggest Loser, Bob Harper. So I was really excited about that because I love watching him on the show, and watching that show really made me want to be able to help others reach their fitness goals.

You have to sign up for the event online ahead of time, and the cost is $30. However, you also receive a year subscription to Self Magazine along with your entrance to the event. Some of the money goes to support the charity they are sponsoring that year, so it’s for a good cause. The event sells out every year so you have to make sure to buy tickets early.


Entrance to the event

Entrance to the event

I learned that although the event starts at 11AM, registration for classes starts at 9AM, so it is best to get there early so that you can sign up for a class that you really want to take. However, they only let you sign up for one class at a time so you have to check back right before the other classes that you want to take to see if they have extra space for you. There are three areas where they hold classes. No registration is required for the main stage so as many people as want can partake in the classes being taught in that area. I signed up for an abdominal workout in one of the areas and it was pretty good. The fitness classes ranged from crossfit to Pilates to beachbody to barre classes. So needless to say there was a great assortment. The very last workout was led by BoB Harper on the main stage 🙂

One of the classes being taught on the main stage

One of the classes being taught on the main stage

I was also lucky enough to notice that the first 50 people to buy one of Bob’s books got a chance to meet him and have him sign it. So I lucked out and got to meet him, which was awesome for me 🙂

Bob Harper and I :)

Bob Harper and I 🙂

I also stayed to do his workout, which I have to stay was pretty darn good. Lol I like to think that it is pretty hard to challenge me on workouts, and he had me working so I was happily surprised. He did not disappoint 🙂

Overall, I really enjoyed the event, and I got a chance to do three mini workouts. However, I have a feeling I didn’t really burn any extra calories because of all the free snacks they were handing out at the event 😉

My haul from the event. Everything was free except Bob's book. I also got a free yoga mat.

My haul from the event. Everything was free except Bob’s book. I also got a free yoga mat.