Fitting in Workouts

I know the excuse a lot of us use is that we are too busy to workout. Let’s face it. We are busy. Really busy. However, we make time for the things that are most important to us. If our friends want to meet us for dinner, we may be busy, but we are still going to move around our schedule so that we can meet them because we want to. If working out is important enough to you, then you will make time for it.

I have a crazy schedule because one week I can be really busy, and the next I can be sitting around all day waiting for a phone call. However, I never know what type of week I am going to have, so I plan out my workouts for the week (with a little flexibility in case work interferes with the time I had planned).

Here is an example of my workout plan for this coming week:
Monday: T25 in the AM and SLT in the PM
Tuesday: 3 mile run in the AM and T25 in the PM
Wednesday: T25 in the AM and Ab class in the PM
Thursday: 3 mile run in the AM and T25, and possibly a ballet class in the PM
Friday: T25 in the AM and possibly SLT in the PM
Saturday: 6 mile run
Sunday: Off

This is my tentative schedule because I never know if I am working until the day before, so I have to book classes (such as the ab class, the ballet class, and SLT) last minute. My job requires me to be flexible, but I still need to make a plan so that I won’t make an excuse later in the week as to why I don’t have time to workout.

Have you planned your workouts for this week? 🙂

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