Eating out of Boredom


I can really relate to this saying. I am awful at eating just because I am bored, but the good news is that I know that I do this so I can combat it. I find that I am less likely to eat out of boredom when I do not watch tv while I am eating because that way I am focused on what I am eating and how much. Otherwise, I will just keep eating and eating even though I may be full simply because I am bored, and honestly, because I like the action of eating. I know that may sound weird, but I enjoy the motion of eating even if I am not even eating something that I particularly like.

Most people I know struggle with eating out of boredom or just wanting to eat simply because they feel like it. The way to combat it is just to realize you are doing it, and make note of when you are more likely to do it and keep yourself busy instead. I know that I struggle with snacking at night, and when I am watching tv. So I make a point to be doing something in the evening, whether it’s a workout or a class or just hanging with friends. I also try to make sure I am not eating while watching tv so that I do not mindlessly eat.

How do you combat eating out of boredom?

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