One of my favorite workout classes to attend in NYC is a class called SLT. It stands for strengthen, lengthen, tone. The class has a maximum of 10 people allowed, so you get a very personal experience and a lot of attention from the instructor. I like to describe it as Pilates on steroids. Lol. Basically, like Pilates, it uses a machine to perform the moves. However, Pilates uses the reformer and SLT uses the megaformer, which is slightly different.


The megaformer is used in various way throughout the whole class. There are basically two platforms on either end of the machine and inside there is a carriage that moves back and forth between the two platforms, it is is attached by springs. The springs are where you get your resistance, because you are pushing or pulling the carriage while being stationed on one of the platforms throughout the class. The springs are also adjustable so that you can increase or decrease the resistance for different exercises. There are also foot straps and bungee cords that are implemented in the class.

The standard class is 50 minutes long, but each exercise is done for somewhere between 30 seconds and 1 minute long before switching to the next one. So the class is constantly moving and goes by pretty fast. I love this class because it is challenging for anyone who walks through the door. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time or your 50th time, you still struggle through the workout which guarantees a kick butt workout. My favorite story I like to tell is when these three totally ripped guys came to class for the first time and acted like the class was gonna be a piece of cake for them. I was laughing on the inside as I saw them dying in the class while I was doing better then them 😉 That just proves that anyone will get a great workout from this class, no matter what your fitness level.

I originally started going to SLT because my NY agency sent me to lengthen out the muscle I had built back home, and it worked great for that. Now I ask to go because I know that I am guaranteed to get an amazing workout in 50 minutes.

Some notes:

The class is generally mostly women, but men are welcome and there are some devoted male clients, both straight and gay men I will point out.

Your first class is $20, but after that it is $40 a class, which sucks I know! :/ You can buy packages of classes which gives you a small discount, but not much. Because of the cost I only go once a week now to get in a good strength workout. However, I know that is crazy expensive for the average person, because even I think it’s expensive, but if you are looking for a kick butt workout I recommend you try it out.

You have to sign up for the class ahead of time and classes fill up fast, so book early.

Jay C is the hardest teacher so if you are new, I do NOT recommend taking his class. I love his classes personally, but I have been taking classes for a long time, and his class still kills me. It’s amazing. Lol

Classes are available throughout New York and there are two locations in Manhattan alone.

There is an introductory class I recommend you take before you take a regular class. A hardcore class is also available for the more advanced. I have taken it once and it definitely lives up to its name 😉

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