Granola, or cereal, is one of my favorite foods now that I am vegan. Some of my favorites are the ones that I make myself, however, I do not always have the time. Luckily, I have found a few favorites that you can buy. They are made with ingredients that I would use myself if I were to make it. Here are three of my favorite and go to store bought granolas:

Purely Elizabeth


It is gluten free and vegan. It’s ingredients consist of oats, coconut oil, amaranth, coconut palm sugar, quinoa flakes, and various other nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. There are four flavors: original, pumpkin fig, blueberry hemp, and cranberry pecan. I love all the flavors and it is a nice and crunchy granola. You can buy it at or other various health food stores sell it, whole foods is one of them. It costs about $8 a bag.

Living Intentions Superfood Cereal


It is raw, vegan, and gluten free. Some of the ingredients it uses are buckwheat, coconut, coconut palm sugar, and various other nuts, seeds,fruits, and superfoods. There are six different flavors: hemp and greens, raspberry detox, acai blueberry, maca honeycomb, chia ginger, and cacao crunch. They are all great, but my favorite is the hemp and greens 🙂 This is not your traditional granola though because it looks like balls and it is funky shaped. However, don’t let the shape scare you off because it is delicious and also very crunchy. You can find it at various places online and in health food stores, some whole foods stores have it in bulk to buy by the pound and that is the best deal, although it is still expensive. A bag runs around $10.

Giddy Up & Go Granola


It is gluten free and vegan. The ingredients include oats, cornflakes, flaxseeds, agave, and various nuts, seeds, and dried fruits depending on the flavor you choose. There are two flavors: Notoriously Nutty and Seriously Seedy. The seriously seedy is good for those who have nut allergies because it is completely nut free. Both flavors are very good. This granola, however, is not crunchy like your typical granola. It is chewy so keep that in mind when purchasing. You can find a store that sells it at or you can buy it in bulk online at amazon. It runs about $8 a bag in stores.

My favorite way to enjoy the crunchy granolas are simply with almond milk or as a topping to a smoothie to add texture and crunch. The chewy granola I prefer to enjoy straight out of the bag, in proper portion size of course ;), as a snack because I feel like adding a liquid to it just makes it a bit soggy :/

When deciding on a granola I always read the ingredients. That is very important because so many granolas and cereals that say natural are stocked full of sugar and extra artificial flavors and such. For us vegans, it’s also very important because a lot have added whey or milk fat as well. If you wanna know my thoughts on a particular type of granola let me know, and I’d be happy to look at it 🙂 I also encourage you to check out these granolas I listed for yourself, and look at the ingredients and how they are made.

What types of healthy granolas or cereals do you enjoy, and have you read the ingredients?

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