Being disciplined in a fitness or nutrition program is really important for me personally because I am a VERY habitual person. When I am on point working out everyday and eating the same thing everyday, then I my nutrition and fitness plan is flawless. However, I am human. Lol. What I mean by that is when I fall of the horse, I fall hard, and a cheat day can turn into a cheat weekend because now my habitual nature as put me in this horrible cycle where I eat clean for a few days then have a cheat meal which turns into a cheat day and then a cheat weekend. Then I start over eating healthy and a few days later fall of the horse again. So it is very important for me to discipline myself on my routine and stick to it because I know how I am and breaking a bad habit is ten times harder then starting a new one. So trust me, I am with you, and I know how hard it is to discipline yourself because I am struggling with it too.

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