My Personal Fitness Thoughts

imageI am what you may call a fitness fanatic. I love reading blogs, books, magazines, etc. on the newest fitness trends or workouts because I really love trying different workouts. Since I spend a lot of my time in New York, I am blessed with the opportunity to try any type of class imagineable. Some of my favorites thus far are SLT and Soulcycle, but I still have so many left to try. I will go more in depthly into my experience with these two classes in later posts. My view on fitness is that you really need have some sort of motivation for what you are doing, whether that be a reward or a competition you are training for or a specific weight loss goal, because otherwise you will never stick with it, especially if you do not enjoy your workout. For me, my motivation is that I have to be a certain size for my job, but also that I love being in shape. I love how I look and how it makes me feel- i want to feel like there is nothing that I cannot do- so that is my driving force. Currently, I am training for my first marathon, so that is a recent motivation for me. I will discuss my training more in depthly for the marathon in later posts. What is your view on fitness?

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