First Marathon

So my current adventure is training for my first marathon. I will post about my trials, tribulations, and progress in later posts, but here is a little synopsis of what I am doing. Below is the information from my fundraising page for World Vision, and it gives background on the charity I am supporting. So check it out 🙂

Hey guys, most of you know me as the girl who loves a new adventure and so I had been thinking about running a marathon for while now. To me it seemed like something I could never do, especially because I always hated running. That is exactly why I have started training for one. So on October 11th, 2014 I will be running in the Great Barrier Island wharf to wharf marathon in New Zealand! I guess in my mind, if I can do this, then I can conquer anything, but I really need a reason to back what I am doing because self motivation can only get me so far, especially on those tough training day.

I am also really big into mission trips and charities abroad, and so when I came upon World Vision I knew this was the extra push I needed, not to mention a perfect fit for me. Now I am running with a cause. I’m running with Team World Vision to help provide clean water for communities in Africa. We are all blessed with clean water here in the U.S. and therefore often take it for granted, I know I am guilty of this as well. All of the money I receive from this fundraiser will go directly to World Vision, none of it will be used to fund my travel or expenses. So I urge you to check out the video about World Vision, and give as you feel lead to, no matter how small, every little bit counts.

$50 = clean water for 1 person

Together we can help change lives in Africa across Ghana, Mali, Niger, Rwanda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Zambia.

Thanks for your support!

World Vision works with communities in desperate need to help provide things like clean water, nutritious food, education, medical care, and economic opportunity.


If you want to donate for my cause you can go to


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